Address of the incumbent President, OSOS, 2018 at the 34th OSCON, 8th and 9th December, 2018, PURI

Honourable Chief Guest, Guest of honour, Dignitaries on the dais, the learned flag bearer of Ophthalmology, Dear Delegates and associate delegates and elite member of the forth pillar of modern democratic system, belonging to visual and print media.

On behalf of the Odisha State Ophthalmology Society, I hereby extend hearty welcome to all of you to Puri, eternally blessed by the soul and pride of Odisha, Lord Jagannath. At the outset I express my immense happiness and humble pride addressing such an august audience on the occasion of the 34th Annual Conference of OSOS. I have been a member of this society since last 40 years; therefore it is naturally very dear to my heart. I do not have enough language power to express to my sincere gratitude to all my co-professionals of the society for bringing me to this podium as its president in spite of so many more deserving personalities being there. It is my earnest desire to help in the journey of Ophthalmology in Odisha at least a few steps forward to a brighter feature during my tenure which will only be possible with guidance and co-operation of all the members. I am well aware of my limitations, but still optimistic about a better tomorrow.

I would like to outline few areas which I have felt will be needing the foremost attention at present.


I request the whole Ophthalmic fraternity to make an all out effort for a membership drive for OSOS and also for AIOS and strengthen the society. Starting with 3 members in 1969, we are now almost 500 strong, but still there is scope for betterment.


Training of Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Assistants: Ophthalmic science is advancing fast. So, our Specialists need to be updated on regular basis regarding the recent advances. At present, the facilities for advanced training are available at many more Institutions than in 80s and 90s. I request to all, specially the young force, to take advantage of this and update themselves regarding newer technologies.

Ophthalmic Assistants are our strong pillars of support particularly in remote areas. So, they must also be sensitised intermittently regarding the newer approach to disease detection at grass root level.


Research and publication are very important aspect of medical profession to open up newer avenues of diagnosis and management of diseases whose patterns undergo evolution. I appeal, particularly to tertiary care Institutes and advanced centres to inculcate and encourage the habit of documentation, data analysis and publication amongst the Trainees and Residents.


The State Journal of Ophthalmology though is of good quality from all points of view, has unfortunately not yet been indexed. It dampens the spirit of the young and competent professionals. The society has to make concerted efforts in this direction to elevate our pride publication to the class of indexed journals as early as possible.


Modernisation of Hospitals in regard to Equipments and Instruments is a continuous process. All the Govt. Establishments are already in the path of being provided with quality equipments, thanks to the untiring efforts of our esteemed Principal Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare and his team. The private organisations are also upgrading themselves on regular basis.


Other programs like Diabetic Retinopathy detection and management, school eye screening, awareness campaigns are being diligently followed up.

Before I windup enumerating my dreams, my last and a sensitive appeal to all concerned is, let us develop a high grade of professionalism amongst us, because we all basically belong to one big family. Even if we compete on same platforms, our origin and goals are common. So healthy competition should be positive and friendly.

I extend sincere thanks to all members of L. O. C. and Scientific Committee who have toiled very hard to make this conference all round success. I am grateful to the learned guest speakers, delegates and trade delegates, for being here to exchange of knowledge and newer ideas. I request them to excuse with their broadmindedness any unintentional lapses on our part.

With the sacred blessings of Lord Jagannath let us try our best to take eye care services to greater heights with renewed knowledge and sincerity. Thank you very much for being patient to hear me.

Long live OSOS
Wish you a very happy stay
Jay Jagannath, Jay Odisha.

Odisha State Opthalmological Society

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