• This was the first oration award started in Odisha State Ophthalmology Conference. The award was initiated by Prof Dr Udhaba Charan Behera in the honour of First Postgraduate Professor in Ophthalmology.
  • Prof Mahendra Chandra Misra was a Godly man, very kind and supportive. He served as President of All India Ophthalmological Society in 1974.
  • He retired as Head of Ophthalmology S.C.B. in 1968 Aug.


Any Ophthalmologist of Repute having significant contribution towards scientific growth of OSOS will be awarded.

The Selection Committee

  • President OSOS
  • Honorary General Secretary OSOS
  • Chairman Scientific Committee OSOS
  • Heads of Post Graduate Institute in Ophthalmology from Odisha;

[two in number on rotation basis]
The Committee will recommend at least two names to the Executive committee which will finalize the awardee on the basis of recommendation of the selection committee.


  • The award is given every year during the annual conference of OSOS
  • The selected candidate’s consent will be sought.
  • Failing consent, next in the list be contacted. Consensus is preferred.
  • If failing, majority opinion of the committee will prevail.
  • The selection process must be complete at least four months prior to the annual conference.
  • The awardee will be intimated at least three months before the date of conference to allow sufficient time in his schedule and preparing for the oration.
  • The awardee, besides the travel expenses, local hospitality, and complimentary registration, will be presented with cash award of ten thousand rupees, a plaque, and a certificate during inauguration.
  • In case the award is not materialized, it will be cancelled. Next year fresh selection will be made.

Year Wise Recepients

Not in chronological order:

  • Prof Sanatan Rath
  • Dr. S. S. Badrinath
  • Dr. Daljit Singh
  • Dr. B. Patnaik
  • Dr. G. Chandrasekhar
  • Dr. Madan Mohan
  • Dr. Namperulswamy
  • Dr. Anita Panda
  • Dr. J. C. Das
  • Dr. S. Natarajan

  • 2015 : Dr Ajit babu Majii
  • 2016 : Dr Debasish Bhatacharjee
  • 2017 : Prof Mangat Ram Dogra
  • 2018 : Prof Namrata Sharma
  • 2019 : Dr Subhadra Jalali
  • 2020 : Prof G V S Murthy
  • 2021 : Dr Sudeep Das
  • 2022 : Dr R Krishna Prasad
  • 2023 : Dr Santosh Honavar

  • Prof B.R.Rajguru was born on 5th September 1927 in Paralakhemundi. He Graduated with MBBS degree from SCB Medical College in 1950 and was awarded as the Best Graduate with Honors in Ophthalmology.
  • He passed D.O. in 1954, MS in 1955 from Andhra University, received higher training in USA during 1958-59 under exchange program and served as fellow at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis.
  • He also got training under W.H.O. on Trachoma and communicable eye diseases and Senior Health Administrator Training at National Institute of Health and Family Planning, Delhi.
  • He was a Junior Teacher from 1952 to 55, Assistant Professor from 1955 to 60, Reader from 1960 to 62, Professor from 1962 to 80, DMET from 1980 to 84 and Additional Secretary from 1984 to 85.

  • He served as principal and Supt. at VSS and MKCG Medical Colleges and served as Ophthalmic Advisor to Govt. of Orissa. He presented about 30 papers at National and International conferences and was the official delegate of India to the Afro-Asia conference at Karachi and World conference at San Francisco, USA.He served as a member of expert committee of ICMR, MCI.
  • He is life member of Indian Ophthalmological Society since 1965 no 00675, Second Ophthalmologist from Odisha to be with AIOS.He was the convenor for formulating the National program for control and prevention of blindness.
  • Prof. Rajguru was a brilliant teacher and astute administrator.
  • He retired in March 1985 and continued his activity in eye health care.

Criteria for Award

Every year an outstanding Ophthalmologist/ Vision Scientist/ Social Activist in Vision science or public health ophthalmologist in succession either serving in Orissa territory or of Orissa origin but serving outside (other states/ union territories of India or any other country) and has contributed significantly to the cause and development of the technique and technology of eye care, will be given the award.

On inviting nominations at least six moths before the annual state conference from various Eye care providing Institutes and on inviting applications from individuals to seek the award, the selection committee set up will decide the most deserving applicant. The awardee will be given at least a months time to prepare and deliver the Oration Lecture at the annual conference of Orissa state Ophthalmological Society and be given an award of Rupees Ten Thousand, and a citation.

The Selection Committee shall comprise of five members:

  • President of OSOS
  • Chairman Scientific committee, OSOS
  • Director of L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Bhubaneswar
  • Two of students of Prof. B. Rajguru nominated by their forum , one of them will be the convenor of the committee and initiate the selection process

In absence of members from the students group, their void will be filled up by Head of S.C.B.Medical College Eye Department ,Head of eye department V.S.S.Medical College and Head of Ophthalmology,M.K.C.G.Medical College in that order.

The committee will formulate the rules and criteria for the award. The decision of the majority will be final. In case of tie, the President of OSOS will be the decider. In case of unavailability of suitable candidate, the award will roll over to the next year . The nominating eye care institution/ organization will submit the following to the selection committee.

The nominating eye care institution/ organization will submit the following to the selection committee.

  • Application in plain paper
  • Completed CV of the candidate
  • Technological/ Technical Contribution to development of eye care.

To Institute the award, the students will place minimum amount of Rupees 135 thousands at the disposal of the Orissa State Ophthalmological Society. The Society in turn will invest the money in a separate account with a Bank which will yield maximum interest annually. The Society will be under obligation not to utilize the money under any circumstances for any purpose other than discharging the award.

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2009 : Dr Tara Prasad Das
  • 2010 : Dr Bikash R. Pattnaik,
  • 2011 : Mr. Keerti Pradhan
  • 2012 : Dr Amresh Chopdar
  • 2013 : Dr Savitri Sharma
  • 2014 : Sudipta Kumar Mohanty
  • 2015 : Dr Tapas Ranjan Padhy
  • 2016 : Dr S Shivaji
  • 2017 : Prof B N R Subudhi
  • 2018 : Soumyava Basu
  • 2019 : Dr Ruchi Mittal
  • 2020 : Mr Rudra Narayan Mohanty
  • 2021 : Dr Sujata Das
  • 2022 : Dr Ramnath Misra
  • 2023 : Dr Shiva prasad Sahoo

  • Prof. Dr. Lakshmi Kanta Mohapatra was the eldest son of Basudev Mohapatra and an embodiment of the Satyabadi principles, was born on 13th April 1926.
  • He passed MBBS from S.C.B Medical College, Cuttack in 1950(2nd batch), he got trained in tropical medicine in Calcutta and started his career as a general practitioner from 1953 and later completed his diploma in ophthalmology in 1957 from Aligarh University.
  • After a one year stint in the state health cadre of Sambalpur, he was placed in Ophthalmology department of S.C.B. Medical College under the able guidance of Dr. Mahendra Chandra Mishra.He joined MKCG College, Berhampur in 1966 as a senior teacher.

  • In 1975, he was promoted and placed at VSS Medical College, Burla. He re-joined MKCG Medical College, as head of ophthalmology department in 1980, where he served the remaining period of his professional career until 1984.
  • Post retirement he contributed in social services in his individual capacity at Sakhigopal providing free eye check-ups for the poor.
  • Apart from being an accomplished specialist in the field of dacryocystitis, he also excelled in colored paint brush art as well as literature.Dr Lakshmikant Mohapatra left us for heavenly abode on 21st Jan 2015

This oration was instituted by late Dr Gadadhar Sarangi


  • Oration award will be given to either to a paediatric ophthalmologist or to an ophthalmologist who has contributed significantly to any paediatric eye disease.
  • Prof. Dr Jayachandra Das, Retired Prof and Head of Guru Nanak Centre for ophthalmology was given the responsibility to choose a suitable candidate for the purpose.
  • But, without dishonouring the departed souls, without disrespecting Prof Jayachandra Das, a selection committee was set up, keeping the future in mind.

The selection committee may be constituted with:

  • Prof Dr Jayachandra Das
  • President OSOS
  • Honorary General Secretary, OSOS
  • Chairman Scientific Committee, OSOS
  • Head of Post Graduate Institute in Ophthalmology, Odisha (One on rotation basis).

The committee will recommend at least two names to the Executive Committee and the awardee will be finalized by the Executive Committee.

Thus, every year an outstanding paediatric ophthalmologist of the state or the country will be chosen for the award.


  • The award is given every year during the annual conference of OSOS
  • The selected candidate’s consent will be sought. Failing consent, next in the list be contacted. Consensus is preferred
  • If failing, majority opinion of the committee will prevail.
  • The selection process must be complete at least four months prior to the annual conference
  • The awardee will be intimated at least three months before the date of conference to allow sufficient time in his schedule and preparing for the oration.
  • The awardee, besides the travel expenses, local hospitality and complimentary registration, will be presented with a plaque and a certificate during inauguration
  • In case the award is not materialised, it will be cancelled.
  • Next year fresh selection will be made.

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2015 : Prof Jayachandra Das
  • 2016 : Dr Lalit Verma
  • 2017 : Dr Partha Biswas
  • 2018 : Dr Varshini Shanker
  • 2019 : Dr Zia Choudhury
  • 2020 : Dr Manish Shrivastav
  • 2021 : Dr Aparna Rao
  • 2022 : Dr Sudarshan kumar Khokhar
  • 2023 : Dr Suma Ganesh


  • Dr. Ram Chandra Meher was Born on 27th January, 1950 at Village Belpara, Dist. Bolangir (Odisha). After completing his MBBSfrom V.S.S. Medical College, Burla (1969-1975). He moved to New Delhi for his further studies where he did his diploma in ophthalmology from prestigious Maulana Azad medical College, Delhi (1977-78). The after he completed his MD Ophthalmology from the most premier institute in India, R P centre for ophthalmic sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Meher was associate Professor Hi Tech Medical college and Hospital Rourkela (2021-22). He was the past president of Odisha state ophthalmological society and he’s also the chairman finance committee -ACOIN. Currently he’s Director Meher eye hospital and research institute, Rourkela.

About DR R.C Mehar Award

Best Free paper award for PG students

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2014 : Dr Indranil Saha
  • 2015 : Dr Samabesh Swain
  • 2016 : Dr Sonali Sarangi
  • 2017 : Dr Arshi Singh (LVPEI, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Lipsa Sahu
  • 2019 : Dr Sneha R.H.
  • 2020 : Dr Chilakamarthy Sridivya
  • 2021 : Dr Y Neha Srija
  • 2022 : Dr Anmol Kar
  • 2023 : Dr Sarika Rani Rath


  • Dr Sarat Chandra Das was Born on 1st April 1946 at Athmallik, Angul District, Odisha.
  • He had his preliminary Education in Mahendra High School, Athmallik & Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and did MBBS in (1969) from SCB Medical College Cuttack.
  • He did his MS (Oph) in 1972 & DLO (1975) from Prince of Wales Medical College Patna. After that he did FICS in 1988 & PG Diploma (LL & PM) 1995. He has done his DH&HM (Dip. in Hospital & Health Management1996) AIIMS, New Delhi. He has worked at Sitapur Eye Hospital (UP) and served Coal India as Ophthalmologist in different capacities for 20 Yrs in Central Hospital's Dhanbad, Asansol, Ranchi, Ramgarh & Talchar.
  • He has organized & operated in more than 500 Eye camps in Jharkhand & Odisha. He is a past President of Odisha State Ophthalmological society (2007-08). During his secretaryship of OSOS, (2004-06) he has organized ALOS Conference in 2005 at Bhubaneswar.
  • He has been secretary EIZOC from 2005-14. He started organizing EIZOC Conferences independently & started midcon in shillong, Meghalaya for the 1st time during his presidentship. He is now President of ACOIN

About DR S.C.Das Award

Best free paper award in Community Ophthalmology

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2014 : Dr Indranil Saha
  • 2015 : Dr Biswajeet Dey
  • 2016 : Dr Aswini Meherda
  • 2017 : Dr Mamita Rani Nayak (VIMSAR, Burla)
  • 2018 : Dr Priyanka Shindhe
  • 2019 : Dr Sabyasachi Pattanayak
  • 2020 : Dr Debasmita Majhi
  • 2021 : Dr Satyabrata Jena
  • 2022 : Dr Debasmita Majhi
  • 2023 : Dr Chitaranjan Misra


  • Prof Dr B N R Subudhi did his MBBS from MKCG medical where he was awarded the best graduate. He received five gold medals from Berhampur University in 1975.
  • While working at MKCG medical college and hospital he had performed more than 400 eye transplants. He has organized public awareness programme in Diabetic retinopathy, Glaucoma, Eye Donation programme.As an active worker of Community Ophthalmology, worked for the prevention of blindness in rural and hilly areas of the State of Odisha for the last 40 years.
  • He established Ruby Eye Hospital in 2013 at Berhampur for the benefit of people of Odisha.
  • Currently he is "Chairman, Ruby Eye Hospital, Berhampur. He was “Member Managing Committee, AIOS, twice. He was the President of Orissa State Ophthalmological Society in 2011.
  • He was President of ACOIN in 2012. At present he is Chairman Steering committee of ACOIN, Member AIOS Taskforce also Member Standing committee for IMA for PDB. He was Editor of EIZOC.He’s also Hon.Gen. Secretary, Teleophthalmology Society of India(TOSI) and Chairman, ISMSICS (Odisha Chapter)

About Prof. BNR Subudhi Award

Best free paper award in Retina and Vitreous

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2014 : Dr Sidharth Das
  • 2015 : Dr Gazal Patnaik
  • 2016 : Dr Sanghamitra Kanungo
  • 2017 : Dr Arshi Singh (LVPEI, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Vaishnavi Mummidi
  • 2019 : Dr Anuja Mahanty
  • 2020 : Dr Shruti Satapathy
  • 2021 : Dr Anjalika Parhy
  • 2022 : Dr Gazal Patnaik and Dr Sanghamitra Kanungo
  • 2023 : Dr Shradha Patnaik


  • Dr. Subal Kishor Kar, born on 04.12.1952 at Bargarh, has completed MBBS at VSS MCH, Burla in 1978.He joined Odisha State Govt. service in the year 1983. He has completed M.S. degree in Ophthalmology at VSS Medical College, Burla in 1992. Rejoined Odisha State Govt. services, worked at DHH Bargarh from 1994 till retirement as Senior Eye Specialist on 31st Dec 2012. Trained in Micro-surgery (ECCE) at Little-Flower Eye hospital, Angamally, Kerala. He was Trained in SICS and Phacoemulsification at JPM Rotary Eye Hospital, Cuttack.
  • Now working as Director,"Sunayan Eye Care" Bargarh.

About DR Subal Kishor Kar Award

Best free paper award in Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2014 : Dr Sushil Kar
  • 2015 : Dr Sushil Kar
  • 2016 : Dr Sushil Kar
  • 2017 : Dr Shibashis Das (Hi tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Shruyavkirti Parida
  • 2019 : Dr Ashok kumar Nanda
  • 2020 : Dr Saswati Sen
  • 2021 : Dr Sonali Sahu
  • 2022 : Dr Anjali Khadia
  • 2023 : Dr Ankita Choudhury


  • Indramani Sahoo is a renowned ophthalmologist of Odisha. He was born on 25th February 1936 in Jhardeshwar village of Cuttack district to Shri Banchanidhi Sahu and Smt. Chand Dei. In 1963 he did his MBBS from SCB Medical College and postgraduation in Ophthalmology from Darbhanga Medical College, Bihar in 1965. He Joined VSS Medical College, Burla as faculty in 1963 and then subsequently joined two other colleges as Head of Department before retiring in 1995.
  • He was famous throughout Odisha. Similarly, by writing articles related to eye health, he was able to create his own identity in the reader's quarters. He was the President of Odisha State Ophthalmology. He received various awards and honors including the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Award given by the state government. He passed away at Burla on 5th December 2022.

About Prof. Indramani Sahoo Award

Best free paper award in Cornea

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2015 : Dr Sikha Mishra
  • 2016 : Dr Chinmayee
  • 2017 : Dr Pratima Vishwakarma (LVPEI, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Pratime Singh Thakur
  • 2019 : Dr Amrita Mohanty
  • 2020 : Dr Durga Sahu
  • 2021 : Dr Sonali Sahu
  • 2022 : Dr Deepali Singhal and Dr Smrutirekha Priyadarsini
  • 2023 : Dr Srikanta ku Sahoo


  • Dr.(Prof.) Kishore Chandra Mohanty was born on 2nd February 1945 in Kendrapara undivided Cuttack District. After completing his M.B.B.S. from S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack , he pursued his M.S. Ophthalmology (1972) at Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna.He was Selected as Jr. Teacher Ophthalmology (1973) and Joined as M.K.C.G. Medical College, Berhampur.
  • He was trained in different subspeciality including keratoplasty, contact lens, IOL and squint from AIIMS, New Delhi ana Sarojini Devi Hospital, Hyderabad. He was awarded at state and national levels many times. During his tenure he had organised more than 100 camps and did more than 30000 surgeries. He Worked as Asst. Professor, Associate Professor and Professor in three Govt. Medical Colleges. He retired from MKCG Medical college as Principal in 2003.
  • He was a gentleman who led a simple and spiritualistic life. The winner of this award will represent Odisha at AIOS.
  • The state will bear expenses of registration and travel of the awardee.

About Prof. Kishore Chandra Mohanty Award

Best free paper of the conference

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2014 : Dr Sidharth Das
  • 2015 : Dr Biswajeet Dey
  • 2016 : Dr Sanghamitra Kanungo
  • 2017 : Dr Pratima Vishwakarma (LVPEI, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Pratime Singh Thakur
  • 2019 : Dr Ashok Kumar Nanda
  • 2020 : Dr Debasmita Majhi
  • 2021 : Dr Sonali Sahu
  • 2022 : Dr Bidisha Mahapatra
  • 2023 : Dr Srikant Kumar Sahu

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2015 : Prof Chandi Das
    Dr Satchidananda Mishra
  • 2016 : Prof K C Mohanty
    Dr Barun Chandra Pattnaik
  • 2017 : Dr Sarat Chandra Das
    Dr Nirubala Patnaik
  • 2018 : Prof Prafulla Kumar Tripathy
    Dr Pravakar Dixit
  • 2019 : Dr Subash Chandra Patra
    Dr Abhimanyu Chakra
  • 2020 : Prof Usha Rani Gantayat
    Dr Dayasagar Behera
  • 2021 : Dr Basant Kumar Jena
    Dr Dasarathi Mohapatra
  • 2022 : Dr Bisnu Pradhan
    Dr Sreedhar Biswal
  • 2023 : Dr Junuus Soy
    Dr Sukumar Sarkar

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2016 : Dr G.Nagesh Rao
  • 2023 : Winner (tie )
    Dr Santosh Kumar Mahapatra
    Dr Devi Aiswarya Das
    Dr Sonali Singh (2nd Winner)
    Dr Bhagabat Nayak (3rd Winner)

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2016 : Dr Sonali Sarangi
  • 2017 : Joint winners--- Dr LipsaSahoo and Prof B.N.R.Subudhhi (M.K.C.G, Berhampur),
    Dr BhumikaRath, Dr BhumikaBhola and Prof Zahiruddin Khan (Hi Tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar)
  • 2018 : Dr Ayashkant Das (Best Poster award)
    Dr Rakesh Ch Rout (Second Best Poster award)
  • 2019 : Dr Rishit D Saha (1st Best Poster award)
    Dr Arif Md Rohan (2nd Best Poster award)
    Dr Sarika Rani Rath (3rd Best Poster award)
  • 2021 : Dr Y Neha Srija
  • 2022 : Dr Jyoti Goyal
  • 2023 : Dr Somani Baral


  • Dr. Braja Sundar Mishra was Born on 7" Jan 1943, Dr. Mishra was educated in Ravenshaw college and passed MBBS from SCBMC. He passed Diploma in Ophthalmology in 1972 and MS in Ophthalmology in 1976. He joined the state govt. service on 7 Oct. 1968. He worked in different hospitals as an Asst. Surgeon and subsequently as an Eye specialist and retired on 1st June 2001. From 1989 he went to Ghana continuously for four consecutive years as a Rotary Volunteer. He went to different African countries during this period and visited London, Italy and Germany on his way back home. After his retirement he continued to work at JPM as a senior consultant. He was a high-volume Cataract surgeon and one of the pioneers of Phacoemulsification in the state. He was married to Pravati Mishra. They have a son and a daughter. The daughter is married to Dr.Chandrasekhar Praharaj who is a Principal Scientist at Kanpur. The son Dr. Anurag, an Ophthalmologist, is married to Dr.Aparajita, a Pathologist.
  • The winner of this award will represent Odisha at AIOS. The state will bear expenses of registration and travel of the awardee.

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2019 : Dr Nirupama Rout
  • 2020 : Dr Keya Chakrabarti
    Dr Bhagyashree Padhan
  • 2021 : Dr Anshuman Mahapatra
  • 2022 : Dr Bidisha Mahapatra
  • 2023 : Dr Pragyan Paramita Mohanty

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2016 : 1st Prize : Dr Jasmita Satapathy
    Dr Ashok Upadhaya
    Dr Debashis Mohanty
  •             2nd Prize : Dr Neha Gupata
    Dr Mayank Rai
    Dr Jaydeep Majumdar
  •             3rd Prize : Dr Rakesh Betdur
    Dr Harshavardhan V.K
    Dr Nilamadhav Pradhan
  • 2017 (Berhampur) : 1st Prize : Dr Arshi Singh
    Dr Pratima Vishwakarma
    2nd Prize : Dr Anuja Mohanty
    Dr. Smruti Ranjan Dethi
    3rd Prize : Dr Ipsita Gantayat
    Dr. Pallari Sahu
    Quiz Master : Dr Naresh Babu
  • 2018 (Puri) : 1st Prize : Dr Bijnya Birajita Panda
    2nd Prize : Dr Puspa Kumari
    3rd Prize : Dr Pratima Singh Thakur
    Quiz Master : Dr Santosh Honavar
  • 2019 (Cuttack) : 1st Prize : Dr Antarlin Ghosal
    2nd Prize : Dr Saloni Sinha
    3rd Prize : Dr Sushant Pujhari
    Quiz Master : Dr Chitaranjan Mishra
  • 2020 (Virtual) : 1st Prize : Dr Saloni Sinha
    2nd Prize : Dr Jyotish
    3rd Prize : Dr Raghu
    Quiz Master : Dr Chitaranjan Mishra
  • 2021 (Rourkela) : 1st Prize : Dr Durga Sahu
    2nd Prize : Dr Mohit Sharma
    3rd Prize : Dr Sabita Devi
    Quiz Master : Dr Chitaranjan Mishra
  • 2022 (Bhubaneswar) : 1st Prize : Dr Shaswat Behera
    2nd Prize : Dr Bhagbat Nayak
    3rd Prize : Dr Ashwini Behera
    Quiz Master : Dr Koushik Tripathy & Dr CRM

Oration Award on Innovation in Ophthalmology


  • Prof. Dr. Udhab Charan Behera was born on 5th March 1927 in a village Mahura in the district of Bhadrak, Odisha. As his father died early, he was brought up by his mother Chandramani Devi.
  • After passing B,Sc. from Calcutta, he joined in M.B.B.S. in S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack with the financial support of his Godfather Prof. Mahendra Chandra Mishra. He did M.S. from Darbhanga Medical College.
  • He had served in all the three Medical Colleges of Odisha and retired from V.S.S. Medical College, Burla as Prof. & H.O.D. of Ophthalmology and Medical Superintendent in the year 1985.
  • After returning from W.H.O. fellowship in Germany, he started Keratoplasty, trabeculectomy and retinal detachment surgery in Burla.
  • It has been proposed to assign the Eye Bank at Burla in his name. Thus a cow boy became a successful doctor by the blessings of teachers and elders. His sishya was Prof. Dr. Gunasagar Dash.


  • Prof. Dr. Gunasagar Dash was born on 27th September 1951 in the village Mahulpali-Khampur in Sundargarh, Odisha. His father Mukteswar Dash, a school teacher and mother Damayanti Devi were known as guru bapa and guru maa in the locality.
  • He did his M.B.B.S. and M.S. from V.S.S. Medical College, Burla in 1982, Training in Retina & Vitreous surgery from A.I.I.M.S. in 1987. He was invited as guest eye surgeon to Germany in 1996.
  • He was actively involved in research of Sickle haemoglobinopathy, Rhinosporidiosis and Stem cell therapy with many contributions in State, National, International Journals and conferences.
  • He has active interest in innovations and has instituted an award session on Innovations in Ophthalmology in EIZOCON.
  • li>His career in Retina and Vitreous was reshaped with the blessings of Dr. Bijayananda Pattanaik, Prof. Bibhudutta Das, Dr. Lalit Verma and many other teachers.
  • He retired as Prof. & Head of Ophthalmology and Medical Superintendent from Burla in 2011. He also served as Prof. & Head in Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh till 2021.
  • He was President, OSOS in the year 2019-21. He is a poet and writer and has published a travelogue “Mahodadhi Separe”(Indian cultural heritage in South Easrern Asia), a nataka "Bana Padma” and a poetry “Bhumiru Bhumaku”. He has travelled world wide from east-west to east around the Globe.

~Innovative ideas are the mother of many inventions and discoveries.~

With kind courtesy and support from Dr. Sharmistha Behera


This award always started in 2022 after it was passed by GBM at the Rourkela conference in Nov 2021.

Prof U.C. Behera & G.S.Dash Oration award on "Innovation in Ophthalmology"

अनेकसंशयोच्छेदि, ऩरोक्षार्थस्य िशथकम् । सर्थस्य ऱोचनं शास्रं, यस्यनास््यन्ध एर् सः ॥

It blasts many doubts, foresees what is not obvious | Science is the eye of everyone, one who hasn't got it, is like a blind ||


The award on “Innovation in Ophthalmology” has been instituted in the name of Prof. Dr. Udhaba Charan Behera and his student Prof. Dr Gunasagar Dash by a contribution of rupees 5,00,000/- (five lakhs only) by Prof Dr Gunasagar Dash & a small contribute from Dr Sharmistha Behera.

A prominent medical scientist having significant and outstanding contribution towards innovations in Ophthalmology will be invited every year during the annual Odisha State Ophthalmological conference to deliver an oration on the subject. She / He may be from the state of Odisha / India or abroad. The Odisha State Ophthalmological Society will invest the money in a separate account in a nationalized bank that will yield maximum interest annually. The interest amount would be used for a medallion, certificate, angavastra and other expenditure. The society will be under the obligation not to utilize this award money under any circumstances for any other purpose.


Every year a notification for filling nomination for the award may be given by the Chairman scientific committee at least three months prior to the conference.

The selection committee will be constituted by the following members:

  • 1. Hon President, OSOS - Chairman
  • 2. Chairman, Scientific Committee – Convener
  • 3. Director, LVPrasad Eye Institute, Bhubaneswar – member
  • 4. An expert on the innovative subject nominated by the Scientific Committee – member
  • 5. Prof Dr GS Dash / Dr Sharmistha Behera / Any of theirstudent (Guest member)

The committee will formulate rules and criteria for selection of the awardee and will select the most deserving candidate. The decision of majority of the members will be final. In case of any tie up, the opinion of the President will be considered binding. In case of non availability of the suitable candidate, the committee may nominate a medical scientist having contribution towards innovation in ophthalmology, of national / international fame.

The oration will be delivered physically or virtually as the case may be during the conference.


The candidates may themselves apply for the award to the Hon President / Chairman Scientific Committee, OSOS or he / she may be nominated by an institution / organization by submitting the following documents at least Five Months prior to the conference / a deadline given by OSOS:

  • 1. Application for the award
  • 2. Curriculum vitae
  • 3. Contribution towards “Innovation in Ophthalmology”

At least a month will be given to the awardee to prepare for the oration.

"The main driver of innovation is unmet patient need," said Sophie Bakri, retina specialist and ophthalmology department chair at the Mayo Clinic.

DR. GOVINDAPPA VENKATASWAMY, the founder of Aravind Eye Hospitals is exemplary for his innovative programmes to deal with the problem of blindness in India. To name a few, outreach camps in eye care (1960), a rehabilitation centre for the blind (1966), and the creation of an ophthalmic assistants training programme in 1973. In recognition of his work in the fight against blindness, Dr, V received the Padmashree award in 1973 by the Government of India.

Score sheet for innovations in ophthalmology


20 marks for each part of evaluation

Total score out of 100

  • 1. Innovation Impact: 20 marks
    * Clinical Impact: The potential or demonstrated impact on patient outcomes and eye health.
    * Reach: How widely the innovation can be applied within the state and beyond.
    * Sustainability: The long-term viability and scalability of the innovation.
  • 2. Originality and Creativity: 20 marks.
    * Novelty: How unique or original the innovation is compared to existing solutions.
    * Creativity: The ingenuity and resourcefulness involved in developing the innovation.
  • 3. Implementation and Practicality: 20 marks
    * Ease of Implementation: How easily the innovation can be implemented in clinical settings.
    * Cost-effectiveness: The cost-benefit ratio and financial feasibility for widespread adoption.
  • 4. Letter of Ethical approval and Regulatory Considerations: 20 marks.
    * Ethical Standards: Adherence to ethical guidelines and patient safety considerations.
    * Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.
  • 5. Documentation: 20 marks
    * Quality of Documentation: Clarity, thoroughness, and professionalism in the submission materials

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2022 : Dr Tapas ranjan Padhy
  • 2023 : Dr Umesh Chandra Behera
    Dr Mihir Mishra


  • Dr. K C Padhy was a founding member and Secretary of OSOS.
  • He completed MS from SCB MCH in 1971.
  • He conducted his first Cataract surgery 7 days before his PG final exam following in the footsteps of his role model Prof. Dr. B. Rajguru.
  • He was the first Ophthalmologist from Odisha to do IOL implantationunder Dr. Binkhorst, Commonwealth medical fellowship in U.K.
  • He was trained in Trabeculectomy and retinal detachment surgery.
  • Appointed as Adviser to Govt. of Odisha NPCB Programtill 2002.
  • An enthusiastic learner, he learnt a few surgeries from his own PG students and good surgeons like Dr. Kiran Bala Bhandari. He is also associated with LVPEI, Bhubaneswar, and Academic Wing.
  • He retired from SCB MCH on 30.04.2001. Currently he is associated with Drushtidaan Eye Bank, Bhubaneswar as a Founder President.

About Prof Dr K C Padhy Award

Best Postgraduate Thesis Award started from 2022

Odisha State Ophthalmological Society will have an award for the best PG thesis given annually at the annual scientific meeting. To facilitate this process OSOCON will be provided with an endowment money of INR 5 lakhs. OSOCON will be responsible for the conducting this competition on an annual basis. The competition and award will need to adhere to the following recommendations:

1. The Post Graduate thesis must be an original prospective study conducted in Odisha. Studies that have direct or indirect impact on ophthalmology practice will be preferred. PG/DNB students must have institutional ethics committee approval for the study.

2. The award will be open all PG and DNB students who are registered for the PG/DNB training course in Odisha. The award will be open to the final year PG/DNB students only. Students who have passed in the preceding year of the competition can also apply provided they have applied for the award in the earlier year. This is to ensure students applying for the award have completed their thesis work.

3. To apply the PG/DNB students must submit their thesis as a full text manuscript of not more than 3000 words and to submit atleast three months prior to the conference, the deadline as decided by the Scientific committee OSOS

4. A screening committee comprising of 5 members will be entrusted with the job of screening the applications for the award. The committee consists of

  • Scientific Committee chairperson of Odisha Ophthalmological Society (Chair)
  • President of Odisha Ophthalmological Society
  • Campus head of L V Prasad Eye Institute, Bhubaneswar
  • Two nominated members who have been former students of Professor K C Padhy. Nominated members will be selected from the following list of former post-graduates who enrolled as PG when Prof Padhy was Head Of Department of Ophthalmology, SCB Medical College, Cuttack. They include – 1. Arundhati Anshu, 2. Shailaja Nair, 3. Jayangshu Sengupta, 4. Anita Hota, 5. Sujit N. Mohapatra, 6. Suryasnata Rath, 7. Krishna K. Pattnaik, 8. Raja Agarwal, 9. Pranati Chaudhury, 10. Jayashree Mohanty.

5. Committee will score the manuscript based on originality, novelty, quality of manuscript and its impact in ophthalmology.

6. Five shortlisted PG/DNB students will be given registration waiver by OSOCON to present their study as oral podium presentation at annual OSOCON every year. The winner of the award will be decided at the OSOCON by the panel of judges as decided by the scientific committee.

7. PG/DNB winner will be given a framed certificate OR plaque and cash award of INR 15,000 (fifteen thousand) at OSOCON.

Year Wise Recepients

  • 2022 : Dr Somy Purohit; Guide - Dr Sharmistha Behera, VSSIMSAR, Burla
  • 2023 : Dr Asmita Pradhan; Guide - Dr Gopeswari Hota


  • Dr Ajit Babu did his M.D. (Ophthalmology) form prestigious Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre For Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.
  • He the pursued Research Fellow in Retina-Vitreous, Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, U.S.A form 1997-98. Dr babu worked at the Department of Vitreoretina , L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India form 1993 to 2012. Currently he’s the medical Director Centre for Sight, Hyderabad.
  • Dr Babu is an excellent surgeon as well as great clinician and teacher. There’s a generation of vitreoretinal surgeon in India and abroad who all gained immense knowledge and experience from him. He has more the 60 publications to his name. He was also the past president of AIOS.

Some Guidelines:

The Award shall be called "Dr. Ajit Babu Majji’s Young Achiever Award-OSOS"


The awardee shall be a ratified member of OSOS.

Shall be aged 45 years or Younger on January 1st of the year of selection.

Shall be born in Odisha, either working in the state or anywhere in the country
If born outside the state, must have served in Odisha for more than 10 years.

Residing in Odisha or Outside Odisha.

Must have 20+ Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals as Pre-requisite.

Among short listed candidates, contribution to Ophthalmic Research and /or Social Responsibility shall be considered, along with Quality of publications and impact factor.


Shall be given every Year

In case no Candidate is eligible, The OSOS Executive Committee will have the final power to decide to award to the nearest candidate or to defer awarding for the year, in consultation with Selection Committee.

Oration will be delivered in the Annual Conference of OSOS

The duration of the Oration shall be 15 Minutes Minutes [ 5 mins-Ophthalmic Journey of the Awardee and 10 mins on any special work done by the Awardee]

Award shall be presented during the Inaugural Ceremony, with Plaque and Certificate

  • The awardee will be given travel expenses, local hospitality and complimentary registration for the state annual conference in the year of award Presentation
  • Award shall be presented during the Inaugural Ceremony with Plaque and Certificate

Awardees' Selection:

  • Nominations with Credentials (with Adequate proof), shall be called for the award in the month of January in the same year of the OSOS Annual Conference
  • Last date for submission of the Nomination shall be 30th of April in the same year
  • Applicants shall have to furnish – biodata
    • a write up as to why he/ she should be selected for the award (less than 100 words)
    • his/ her vision for himself for next 10 years (less than 100 words)

Criteria for SelectionCommittee:

  • The members of selection Committee shall be from outside the state and non Odiya.
  • The members of selection Committee shall be from different zones of the Country.
  • The members of selection Committee shall represent different subspecialties.
  • The members of selection Committee shall be of atleast 15 years of experience in his/her subspecialty.
  • The nominations received shall be evaluated by the Judges and the scores of evaluation shall be returned to the scientific Committee office by 30th June of the same year.
  • The evaluations shall be tabulated and the final scores of the Candidates shall be forwarded to the executive body of OSOS, which shall announce the awardee by the 15th of July in the same year. This shall facilitate the awardee to attend the OSOS Annual conference.
  • Awardee shall be presented with Certificate and Plaque during the Inauguration.
  • Awardee shall attend the Annual conference and shall be allotted 15 Minutes to speak in the Oration’s sessions, during the annual conference regarding "His Path of Achievements" [5 mins-Ophthalmic Journey of the Awardee and 10 mins regarding any special work done by the Awardee].
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